Oregon RV Camping and Campgrounds

Oregon has a wonderful variety of RV camping sites. The famous Oregon Coast region lures RVers with stunning scenery and comfortable Summer weather. The Cascade Mountains and National Parks offer RV camping opportunities as well. Eastern Oregon has vast areas of BLM (Bureau of Land Management) administered lands available for RV camping with an emphasis on solitude.

Private RV Parks and Campgrounds

Federal RV Camping Information

  • National Park Service - NPS information about camping at National Park Service administered lands in Oregon.
  • US Forest Service - USFS information about free dispersed camping (boondocking) and developed campgrounds in the USDA National Forests in Oregon.
  • Bureau of Land Management - BLM information about Bureau of Land Management administered lands in Oregon. Dispersed camping and developed campgrounds.
  • US Army Corps of Engineers - USACE/COE information about camping at Corps lakes in Oregon
  • US Fish and Wildlife Service - FWS information about National Wildlife Refuges in Oregon. Not all refuges allow camping.

State RV Camping Information

  • Oregon State Tourism Website - Where to go, and what to do. Includes campgrounds.
  • State Parks - Information about RV camping in the many state parks in Oregon.
  • Oregon WMA - Many wildlife management areas and fish hatchery locations offer camping, some with a campground host.

RV Camping Reservations

Oregon RV Dump Stations

Oregon Free Camping

Free RV camping is available throughout Oregon on public lands administered by the BLM (Bureau of Land Management), and the USFS (US Forest Service). Our Boondocking Section has information about finding free RV camping locations.

USFS (US Forest Service) and BLM (Bureau of Land Management) have geographical offices that administer public lands. BLM's are called Field Offices, while USFS calls theirs Ranger Districts. Both BLM and USFS offer fabulous dispersed RV camping locations, but finding them is the tough part. A good way is to ask the folks in the local Field Office or Ranger District to recommend a place for dispersed camping. In every case we've done this, we have been pointed to good RV camping sites.

Remote RV camping is available at these USFS (US Forest Service) campgrounds... China Hat Sand Springs Click Here for information on these free campgrounds.

Many RVers will enjoy the USFS (US Forest Service) Coral Creek Campground. Horse corals as well as fishing, birdwatching, wildlife viewing and hiking. No water or trash. Vault toilets.

Just north of town is USFS (US Forest Service) Coral Springs Campground. With room for up to 50' RV's this primitive campground may be just what you are looking for.

The BLM lists 6 free camping locations in the Coos Bay Resource Area. Check with BLM office in North Bend for directions.

Free RV camping is available at the BLM managed Antelope Reservoir. Picnic tables, vault toilets, fire rings, and boat launch.

LAKEVIEW The remote USFS Can Springs Forest Camp may be right up your alley if you have a smaller RV. With an elevation of 6300 feet, this area is great for Summer get aways. Hiking, horseback riding, birdwatching. Dismal Creek Forest Camp offers remote RV camping. Check road conditions.
Free RV camping is allowed at BLM's remote Mann Lake Recreation Area. Open all year. Restrooms at boat launch.

Located next to the Snake River, the BLM has several free camping locations in the North Vale District. Vault toilets.

We recommend the Oregon Road and Recreation Atlas to find RV camping locations. This Oregon atlas features separate landscape (shaded relief) and recreation map sections. The recreation section shows public, state and private lands using different colors to make land administration agency determination easy. Campgrounds, lakes and streams, parks, forests, boat launches, wildlife areas, back roads, and RV parks are just a few of the information areas covered by this Oregon manufactured recreation atlas. Put that together with DeLorme Topo 8.0 Software and you have a versatile set of research tools to find RV camping sites all across Oregon.

Our Free RV Camping Section has ideas about free camping you may not have thought about.

Oregon Public Campgrounds

RV camping in Oregon is great for RVers looking for varied outdoor experiences. BLM (Bureau of Land Management) and Oregon State Parks offer RV camping, and the same is true for many County and Community parks. USFS (US Forest Service) campgrounds offer cooler locations to escape the Summer heat. Amenities range from dry RV camping with only trash and pit toilets to RV camping sites with full RV hookups. This is only a partial listing of RV camping opportunities at public campgrounds. There is a nominal camping fee in most cases. State and National Parks are higher priced. This list is intended to show you just some of the RV camping locations in Oregon. Do your research and you will find great campgrounds just right for you and your family.

20 miles southwest of Baker City is the popular Union Creek Campground. Swimming, boating, fishing, hiking and 80 campsites.

RV camping is available at the lovely Cove Palisades State Park. 82 full hookup sites.

50 amp electrical hookups and new restrooms are available at Pass Creek Park. This campground and park is operated by Douglas County and is perfect for the RV traveler.

East of Salem is the Detroit Lakes State Recreation Area. Offering RV camping on the lake.

Just 3 miles from town is Lane County Harbor Vista Park. 38 year round water and electric campsites with great coastal views.

34 water and electric campsites as well as 10 dry sites are available at River Bend County Park. Nicely secluded RV camping sites.

RV camping is available at Valley Of The Rogue State Park. Offering 98 full hookup sites with another 48 electric only.

A few miles west of Hood River is the Viento State Park. First come first serve camping with 57 electric campsites.

East of John Day is Clyde Holliday State Recreation Area. RV camping, and numerous outdoor recreational opportunities.

Just south of Joseph is Wallowa Lake State Park. RV camping with 121 full hookup campsites surrounded by mountains on the lake.

Numerous RV camping opportunities await you near La Pine...

Linn County offers John Neal Memorial Park for reservable camping sites.

East of Madras lies the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument. While there is no camping in the monument, Click Here for public RV camping locations in the area.

West of North Powder are three USFS (US Forest Service) campgrounds available for RV camping...
  • Anthony Lakes
  • Mud Lake
  • Grande Ronde Lake
Click Here for information about these three campgrounds and their recreational opportunities.


Not too far from Prineville is the Haystack Campground. Very nice area for RV camping with room for any size RV.


Not far from Prospect is Crater Lake National Park. RV camping with spectacular scenery nearby. Limited season due to snow. Flush toilets, water, RV dump. First come first serve, but sites usually available.


South of town 6 miles is William M. Tugman State Park offering RV camping both with and without camping reservations. 50' RV length and electric campsites with RV dump.


15 miles east of Roseburg is Douglas County Whistler's Bend Park. 23 non reservable campsites with showers


15 miles east of town is Whitcomb Creek county park. 39 campsites with camp host.


RV camping as well as fishing, hiking and birdwatching are available at Unity Lake State Recreation Area.

Public lands offer great free camping in Oregon, and Federal, state, and private campgrounds have basic service camping such as picnic tables and fire rings, to full hookup RV resorts. Use the links to the public lands websites above for specific information about camping and public lands access. Research and explore, and you should have no trouble finding the best campsites.

The location map images for finding RV camping locations in Oregon are derived from Topo USA 8.0 National Edition and used with their exclusive permission.

These map images only display a very limited area. DeLorme's Topo 6.0 covers the entire USA with highly detailed maps that can be zoomed in or out, moved, printed, and interfaced with GPS units. 3-D views, tracking and route planning, as well as map annotation ability are included. BLM administered lands are available free with registration of the program.


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Public Land
RV Camping Information

USFS (US Forest Service) - Describes USFS policies and rules about RV camping. Information about dispersed camping, and tips on how to find great free RV camping sites.

NPS (National Park Service) - General information about RV camping and campgrounds in US National Parks. With campgrounds in the most historic and scenic places in the country, the NPS offers some of the best places for RV camping.

USACE/COE (US Army Corp of Engineers) - USACE (perhaps better know as COE) manages water recreation areas throughout the USA. Information about finding USACE lakes, RV camping possibilities, and rules and policies for use of these water based recreation areas is included.

BLM (Bureau of Land Management) - Located throughout the western USA, BLM managed lands offer great camping locations. Developed campgrounds, and almost unlimited dispersed camping opportunites await you.

Free and Low Cost
RV Camping Ideas In Oregon

Here's a list of places to consider when looking for a free overnight RV camping or parking location in Oregon. We always recommend asking for overnight RV parking permission when looking for a free spot to spend the night. The smaller your RV, the better chances you will have finding places to stay if you choose not to ask permission. If you don't ask permission, you end up "sneaking" into places and hoping nobody bothers you or issues you a trespassing ticket before you move on.

Be smart and Be Safe...Ask Permission.

  • Truck Stops - Asking permission is usually not a requirement Be considerate of the big rigs!
  • Walmart - Not all stores allow overnight RV parking in Oregon due to city ordinances. Check store for policy.
  • Nightclubs - Had one too many or just pretending?
  • Grain Elevators - Ask where you can park your RV out of the way for the night.
  • Fraternal Organizations - VFW, Elks etc. may allow members free overnight RV camping.
  • Cemetery - Sounds creepy to us, but we've also heard they may have water available.
  • Fairgrounds - State and County facilities may allow RV camping when not otherwise in use.
  • Parks - City, County, State, and Community parks often have free RV camping.
  • Churches - You can almost make "reservations" by calling ahead for permission.
  • Hotel Parking Lots - Assuming a nightclub/bar is inside, had one too many or just pretending?
  • Truck Terminals - Parking areas for large trucks might allow you free RV camping permission.
  • RV Dealers - Pretty brave to us, but you could fit right in.
  • Cracker Barrel - These nationwide restaurants usually allow free overnight RV parking.
  • Movie Theaters - Too tired to drive home after the late show?
  • Highway Rest Areas - All rest areas allow a few hours of free RV parking, but noisy.
  • Drive In Movies - Got a small RV, park in the back row and enjoy the show. Fell asleep by accident right?
  • Vehicle Repair Shops - Need to see the repairman first thing in the morning?
  • Big Box Retailers - Kmart, Best Buy, Sams Club often allow free RV camping.
  • Roadside Parks & Picnic Areas - The early day version of the rest area.

As you can see, there are a lot of free RV camping and parking possibilities in Oregon. If you are not asking permission, it's best to keep a very low profile. If your RV has slide outs, jacks and TV antennas, don't use them so as not to draw attention to yourself. Consider your surroundings carefully and if you feel uncomfortable with the area, move somewhere else.

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