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Alaska Camping Journal – Day 10

Recreational Vehicle Camping Journal – Alaska Day 10

An RV camping trip to Alaska is a dream most RVers will never get to experience. We are fortunate to have been able to spend the time and effort to take this amazing RV camping trip. Follow our daily RV camping travels as we cover over 6000 miles of the most incredible scenery in North America. We’ll share a few pictures of the trip, but pictures can not do justice to this beautiful country.

Each day’s journal entry will have links to yesterday and tomorrow journal entries, and a link to the main journal page.

The Campers

Passengers on our RV camping trip were Brian, Margie, Helen (Brian’s Mom is 87), Casey our 4 ½ year old Golden Retriever, and Sox, a 10 year old gray housecat with an attitude. Brian and Margie have been living full time in their 36′ Class A motor home over 3 years, and boondock (remote dispersed camping) almost always. Mom has RV camping experience since she and Brian’s Dad owned both a pickup camper, and Class C motor home.

Riley Creek RV Camping

A cool night in the campground with temperatures dipping into the 30’s and a hazy sky this morning. We had heard many days in the park you have clouds and can’t see Mt McKinley and this would be one of them! We’d also heard on our bus trip that it had snowed the previous day and that we picked the only sunny day for the last eight!

Brian gets up thinking he has to work on the RV water heater. After closer examination it appears an O ring has gotten lodged in the hot water pipe, and after its removal–we have hot water!

I make biscuits and gravy and Brian announces he’s not doing another thing all day! Between driving all the way from Bellingham and working on Gozer to keep us on the move–he’s earned a break!

We’re camped in the Riley Creek campground and quite close to the Mercantile. They also have laundry facilities, showers, nice clear restrooms and public internet access! Brian and I wander around the store which has a little bit of everything, he picks up a paperback for the day, and we check our e-mail. They are quite proud of their internet here at $5.00 for a ½ hour! But we’re thankful for a way to keep in touch with family and friends in the “outside”. Our cell phone hasn’t worked but once since we crossed the Canadian border.

Mom and I write a few post cards and decide we’ll walk over to the post office which isn’t far from our camp site. There is a nice hiking/biking path along the perimeter of the campground, and we almost walk right into a Moose! It’s busily stripping leaves from a willow sprig and probably could care less about us, but we back away slowly anyway and give him some space. They do suggest 75 feet between you and moose, but when you come across one having a snack so close to you could touch it—you’re a little surprised!


We do have a mama moose and two calves which frequent the campground and we enjoy seeing them out the window! Casey doesn’t even bark at them, I think he’s afraid! Our cat has been busy looking around, she’s not a very happy camper when we travel so she’ll enjoy being in one place for a few days. We take it easy most of the day and have a couple walks around the campground.

Spaghetti for dinner and then we head over for the ranger talk starting at 7:30. Unfortunately the 7 of us that gathered at the Campfire Program area are disappointed as the ranger is a no show. We decide it may be a little early in the season, and head back home. 0 miles today!

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