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RV Camping and Campgrounds In Montana

RV camping in “Big Sky Country” is hard to beat! Comfortable summer weather, fabulous scenery, and interesting history all await you. From
exclusive RV resorts, to boondocking and basic service public campgrounds, there is great RV camping to be found in Montana.

Montana Private RV Parks

Private RV Parks – Research tool for
finding the best private RV parks and campgrounds in Montana.

Federal RV Camping Information

Park Service
– NPS information about RV camping
on National Park Service campgrounds in Montana.

US Forest Service manages nine forests in Montana ideal for RV camping. Forest Service lands are open for dispersed camping unless

otherwise prohibited. Dispersed camping is defined as camping outside a designated campground. The following links will take you to each

individual National Forest web page.

Bureau of Land
– BLM information about lands managed in Montana. BLM manages 8.3 million acres of public land, and free dispersed RV
camping (boondocking) is encouraged on BLM lands in Montana.

US Army Corps of Engineers – USACE/COE information about Corps lakes in Montana. RV camping facilities are available at two USACE administered lakes in Montana.

US Fish and Wildlife Service – FWS information about National Wildlife
Refuges in Montana. Not all refuges allow camping, so check carefully.

State RV Camping Information

Montana State Parks offer a wide variety of campgrounds. RV camping locations from the mountains to the plains with almost unlimited recreation opportunities are located throughout the state. Interactive map.

Montana Fish and Game – Information and directions to Montana’s Wildlife Management Areas. Many but not all WMA’s allow RV camping, so check regulations for the area you wish to camp at.

Official Montana
State Tourism Website
– Where to go, and what to do in
Montana. RV Camping suggestins are included.

Camping Reservations

Camping Reservations – Make your Montana State and Federal
campground reservations in advance and your campsite will be waiting when you arrive.

Montana RV Dump Stations

RVDumps.com – Places to dump your RV in Montana.
– Montana RV dump stations listed by town.

Montana Free RV Camping

Public Lands in Montana offer virtually unlimited free boondocking/dispersed RV camping locations. You can get free RV camping

location tips from the USFS (US Forest Service) Ranger Districts and the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) Field Offices. Use the

above links to find their contact information and web sites, and asked for “recommended dispersed camping locations”.

The following are just a few examples of great free RV camping locations in Montana. Boondocking/Dispersed Camping has tips for finding great remote RV camping locations.

BAKER TostonCampingLocationMap
Unique sandstone formations jump up from the surrounding prairie in Medicine Rocks State Park..
Free RV camping with 12 semi developed campsites. Enjoy photography, hiking, and wildlife viewing in this remote and primitive area in eastern

BEAVERHEAD-DEERLODGE Beaverhead-Deerlodge RV Camping Location
The USDA Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest has many
free developed campgrounds. Located in southwestern Montana, there are over 20 free campgrounds available. Verify
vehicle recommended length before heading into remote areas.

COLUMBIA FALLS TostonCampingLocationMap
Free RV camping is available at two designated campgrounds managed by USDA Forest Service.

  • Tuchuck Campground – 22 foot max recommended 60 miles NE of Columbia Falls.
  • Red Meadow Lake – 32 foot recommended maximum length RV located 49 miles NE of Columbia Falls.
  • DILLON TostonCampingLocationMap
    The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) manages large areas of southwestern Montana. Free RV camping is permitted for

    adventurous campers well off the beaten path. Contact the Dillon BLM Field Office. lists several free developed campgrounds suitable for RV camping.

    EKLAKA TostonCampingLocationMap
    RV camping is available for smaller vehicles at the Eklaka Park Campground. Popular campground for hunters with a number of undeveloped roads through the forest for

    ATV’s, motorcycles, and 4×4’s.

    HUNGRY HORSE TostonCampingLocationMap
    The Lakeview
    offers free RV camping for units up to a
    recommended 22 feet. There are other designated free campgrounds listed, and dispersed camping is encouraged.

    GARNET TostonCampingLocationMap
    The Garnet
    Back Country Byway
    begins at Highway 200 about 30 miles east
    of Missoula. Free dispersed RV camping is allowed along the byway.
    Check road conditions before heading into new areas.

    PHILIPSBURG TostonCampingLocationMap
    offers free camping with 10 campsites and a 32
    foot maximum recommended length.

    TOSTON TostonCampingLocationMap
    Free RV
    camping as available at two
    designated campgrounds
    above and below Toston Dam.
    Boating, camping, picnicking, wildlife viewing, fishing, and
    floating are some of the outdoor recreation opportunities.

    Montana Public Campgrounds

    RV camping in Montana is great for RVers with outdoor recreation opportunities of all types. Campgrounds managed by BLM (Bureau of Land

    Management) and Montana State Parks offer RV camping. Some of the Nations most visited National Parks offer RV camping in Montana, and

    USFS (US Forest Service) campgrounds offer cooler locations to escape the Summer heat. Amenities range from dry RV camping with only

    trash and pit toilets to RV camping sites with full RV hookups. This is only a partial listing of RV camping opportunities at public


    BOZEMAN TostonCampingLocationMap
    . RV camping, bird watching, boating,
    fishing, hiking, and biking are available outdoor recreation activities.

    COLUMBIA FALLS TostonCampingLocationMap
    Located near
    the west entrance to Glacier
    National Park, Big
    Creek Campground
    offers a wide range of outdoor recreation

    FORT SMITH TostonCampingLocationMap
    The Bighorn
    Canyon NRA
    (National Recreation Area) offers developed
    suitable for RV camping.

    GLACIER NATIONAL PARK TostonCampingLocationMap
    Over 700
    miles of trails makes Glacier National
    a hikers paradise. The spectacular scenery
    makes this park an ideal RV camping destination as well. Over 1000
    in 13 campgrounds. Not all campgrounds
    are suitable for recreational vehicles.

    MISSOULA TostonCampingLocationMap
    East of
    Missoula along Interstate 90 is the Beavertail
    Hill State Park
    . Smaller RV to 28 feet with
    campground on the Clark Fork River.

    RED LODGE TostonCampingLocationMap
    Fire rings,
    fishing, mountain biking, water,
    and vault toilets are available at Basin
    Lakes Campground

    SEELEY LAKE TostonCampingLocationMap
    hiking, biking, swimming and a
    horseshoe pit are only a few of the activities available at the Big
    Larch Campground
    . On-site campground host.

    Public lands offer great RV camping in Montana. State, Federal, and
    private campgrounds have basic service campsites with picnic tables and
    fire rings, to full hookup RV resorts. Free dispersed camping
    (boondocking) is available at State and National Forests, and lands
    administered by the BLM (Bureau of Land Management). Use the
    links to the public lands websites above for specific information about
    camping and public lands access. Research and explore, and you should
    have no trouble finding the best campsites.

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