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Utah RV Camping – Bluff

Public Recreational Vehicle Camping – Bluff, Utah

The Sand Island campground has 27 large, well dispersed, back-in RV campsites, some along the San Juan River. Water is available, and vault toilets and trash cans are provided. Maximum stay is 14 days.

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Bluff Location

Bluff is located in southeast Utah along US 191. This small town is bordered on the south by the San Juan River and the Navajo Nation, valley farmland to the east, and panoramic vistas of canyon country to the west. 300 foot high sandstone bluffs account for the town’s name.

There is fuel, and limited supplies available in Bluff. The closest full service town is Blanding for RV camping supplies and full service grocery. The purple shaded areas on the following map depict BLM managed lands. The light green shaded area are USDA Forest Service or National Park Service lands, and the light brown shaded areas are Navajo Nation lands. There are numerous dispersed camping (boondocking) locations in this area as well.


RV Camping – Sand Island Campground

The Sand Island campground is located in the San Juan River valley. This BLM managed recreation area has a boat launch, and 27 large campsites suitable for any size RV. Campsites are available on a first come, first serve basis, and there are even a couple of pull-thru sites. Vault toilets, water, trash, picnic tables, and fire rings.

There is a prehistoric petroglyph area a short stroll from the campground. You may hear an occasional vehicle on US 191 as it climbs out of the river valley heading toward Bluff. Consider the seasons as this campground is often over 100 degrees temperature in the shade during summer.

The overnight camping price is $10, and if you have a Golden Age passport, the price is only $5. The following map shows the location of the campground in relation to Bluff. It is 3.9 miles west of town, and there is a BLM campground sign at the entrance. The campground is below the top of the mesa near rocky cliffs, the San Juan River, and Cottonwood shade trees.


Campground and Surrounding Area Photos

The following photos show the Sand Island Campground, and some of the great scenery. There are back country 4×4 roads and trails to explore, and the major highways in the area will take you through fabulous vistas. Dispersed camping (boondocking) is available throughout BLM and National Forest lands in the area, but we recommend exploring before heading into back country areas with large RVs.


Sand Island Entrance Sign and Campsite


Area Views


RV Camping Information You Can Use

We recommend the Utah Road and Recreation Atlas to find RV camping locations near Bluff. This Utah atlas features separate landscape (shaded relief) and recreation map sections. The recreation section shows public, state and private lands using different colors to make land administration agency determination easy. Campgrounds, lakes and streams, parks, forests, boat launches, wildlife areas, back roads, and RV parks are just a few of the information areas covered by this recreation atlas. Put that together with DeLorme Topo 6.0 Software and you have a versatile set of tools to find RV camping sites all across Utah.

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