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RV camping is certainly different than tent camping, and we understand the differences. We started camping in a tent over 40 years ago, we moved into pop-up campers, graduated to a slide in truck camper, and lived in our Class A motor home full time for 5 years. We moved back into a stick built house, but we still love RVing and currently have a class C motor home that we tow our Jeep with for vacations and weekends. We know what RVers want and need to know to get the most out of their RV camping experience. There are a lot of Internet sites that talk about every aspect of RVing, except how to find great places to camp. is dedicated to helping you find great places to stay with your RV.


RV Camping is about giving you the best campground and camp site location tools for every state. We found it difficult to quickly find RV camping information as we traveled from state to state, and as we started to compile lists of public land contacts for our future use, we discovered many places to camp we hadn’t thought about. We soon learned that keeping track of all this information on paper was difficult, so we transferred all our paper files to the Internet where we are continually trying to improve the information available for us and you to quickly find the best RV camping sites and campgrounds.

Our goal is to provide you with great information and tips to help you find the RV camping site that is best for you.

We make every effort to provide only the most accurate RV camping information. This site is the best research tool for finding public and private camping locations nationwide, and tips and public land information informs visitors about RV camping opportunities.

Since RV camping information changes frequently, we feel that providing the broadest range of camping location ideas and official links offers an ever increasing number of RVers opportunity to find the most up to date and accurate camping information available in every state.

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We are a family owned and operated, and we do this to help ourselves as much as our web site visitors. We don’t accept phone calls… we tried but the number of off topic calls became prohibitive.

You can reach us via snail mail at:
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We collect no personal information, share no personal information, and sell no personal information. Any information you submit to us is only used to provide you with information you have requested from us. Computer information that is automatically collected is used for site maintenance and administration.

We choose many links from our site to information and RV product Internet web sites. We have no control over the use of information gathered by these sites, and while we attempt to provide links to reputable companies, you should check each web sites privacy policy if you are concerned.

We don’t sell anything and only recommend products we have used and feel are an excellent value. The products you find throughout this site are offered by and Adsense advertisers. Though we recommend some specific products, we think it is important for you to know that this site is paid for by the advertising revenue generated through these affiliations. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to


Federal Public Land
RV Camping Information

US Forest Service - USFS
Describes USFS policies and rules about RV camping. Information about dispersed camping, and tips on how to find great free RV camping sites.

National Park Service (NPS)
General information about RV camping in US National Parks. With campgrounds in the most historic and scenic places in the country, the NPS offers some of the best places for RV camping.

US Army Corp of Engineers (USACE/COE )
USACE (perhaps better know as COE) manages water recreation areas throughout the USA. Information about finding Corps managed lakes, RV camping rules and policies for use of these water based recreation areas is included.

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