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Alaska RV Camping Travelog – Day 12

Dogs, Sleds, and Moose!

Day 12

Today we decide to take the shuttle to the visitor center, and then on to the Dog Sled Demonstration! The dogs are much smaller than I thought they would be, but still very powerful. They had an nice interactive session to start with for us to walk around amongst the dog kennels and say “hi” to the dogs. Most are very friendly and glad for a scratch or pat! There is also an outbuilding filled with early versions of dog sledding equipment and trappings.


The ranger program was very interesting and it’s amazing how reliable dog sleds have been for decades of park travel. When the rangers produced a dog sled (equipped with wheels on the back for travel on the gravel surface) the dogs went crazy! They were all jumping, and barking, as if to say “Pick me!“ Then the dogs were selected and hooked up to their harness’ and we were treated to a dog sled run around the track as we looked on from the bleachers. Afterwards the rangers took questions from the audience and it was a very worthwhile program.


Back to the shuttle and on home. Leftover’s for lunch today and then Brian and I went to town to look for souvenirs. The gift shop we went to also provided shipping (for a fee) so we found a few gifts to send family. We had excellent shuttle connections both ways!

Nice evening for a barbeque so we had burgers and french fries. Also a moose and two babies out our window, so that was cool too!

0 Miles!

Day 13

A cloudy day today, so Brian and I won’t be going for a hike as we had planned. Lazy inside day! We watched “City Slickers” and did some reading. I bought a book “The Mysterious North” which is a rather diverse collection of stores about Alaska. The Mercantile store here at Riley Creek has a good selection of items, but you‘ll pay the price for not remembering to buy them in “town”!

Fixed fried chicken, mashed potatoes, corn and gravy for dinner-a favorite of Brian’s!

0 Miles!

Day 14


Today will be the day for our hike to Savage River as the sun is out but it is a bit breezy. With our lunch and waters packed in our Jeep back pack, we catch the appropriate shuttles and arrive at the trailhead. They do have restroom facilities here and a good map explaining the various trails. Our hike is a 1.8 mile loop and it is in a beautiful draw and so green and scenic. Interesting rock formations too, but we don’t see any animals. It is very windy by the time we get back to the bus, and we’re glad for the shelter!


We do see the mama moose and the two babies again in the campground.

Breakfast for supper tonight.

0 Miles!

Day 15

Last day in Denali today so we go into McKinley Village for breakfast. We decide to give the “Salmon Bake” another try, since breakfast is usually a pretty safe bet! Mom has a Ham and Cheese omelette, I choose the Denver omelette, and Brian is lucky enough to get sourdough pancakes along with bacon and eggs! It‘s another favorite of Brian’s, so he is totally happy! On our way back to the shuttle we stop by a gift shop and buy some sourdough starter so we’ll be able to have sourdough pancakes of our own in the future!

We also buy a Fairbanks newspaper and one from Anchorage. The wildfire at Nenana is the front page story on each, and the Alaska Railroad has been shut down to Fairbanks along with the Alaska Highway due to flames threatening the road and right of way.

Today is another overcast day but there are some breaks in the clouds now and then. So why not make it rain and wash the motor home????? It is so dirty you can’t walk past it without dust jumping off onto you! The three of us spend most of the afternoon cleaning poor Gozer, and heading into the house when the moose wander by. It’s the mama and two babies so we don’t want to get in the middle of that! Casey would like to get a closer look too, so we’re all safer inside!

The campground host has been by 4 times today! Once to warn us about a moose in the campground that doesn’t like dogs, twice to ask us if we’ve seen our neighbors since their RV is shorter than 31’ feet and the space says 31 feet or longer, and now to tell us there’s a bear in the area. We‘re going to be glad to be back out boondocking!

Clouds break up, and it’s a good night for a barbeque! The days are still nice and long and Mom enjoys being able to read with having to turn on a light in the RV at night!

0 Miles!

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