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Alaska RV Camping Travelog – Day 17

Lost in Anchorage!

We’re up and moving pretty early today and headed south on the Glenn highway towards Anchorage by 7:15 am. Although we’ve had some discussions about it being “rush hour” there really isn’t one! We do have quite a bit of traffic but it moves right along with no slowdowns or problems.

There are several signs along this road that warn to watch for moose on the highway and also the number of moose killed by vehicles. Apparently they have quite a problem also with them on the runways of the airport too!

I am too busy looking around to be a very good navigator, although that IS supposed to be my job, and we completely miss our turn south toward Seward! Now, in my defense I have to say we did get a lovely tour of an older neighborhood in Anchorage that we would have missed out on had we taken the correct road! The roads begin to look like San Francisco–narrow, winding–but we manage to escape out an alley!

I do find where we are thanks to the map in the Milepost magazine, and we now know that GAMBELL ST is where we should have turned.

We stop south of Anchorage at Potter‘s Marsh wildlife viewing area for breakfast. There is a nice boardwalk elevated over the marsh and a short walk out to some interpretive boards. Also a good place to walk the dog.

Back on the road at 10:00 and we’re now on the Seward Highway paralleling the Turnagain Arm. Which is what Captain Cook had to do on his exploration for a Northwest Passage –Turn again and go back to the Ocean! I am busy looking for whales now and am glued to the water! There are several places to park along the road, and many interpretive boards and hiking opportunities. It is very overcast and we have had a few rain sprinkles but no real precipitation.


At the turnoff to Girdwood, we stop in at the US Forest Service office to inquire about dispersed camping along our route. Again, we find ourselves having to explain the term which this government entity created! They completely don’t understand what we’re asking, and point us to several campgrounds on the map they’re handing out. They do have nice, clean, restrooms inside.


We continue on to Seward, the road pulls away from the water and we find ourselves climbing and winding along the most beautiful mountain road! There are such green pastoral expanses sporting the latest in white glacial apparel, alternating in an awesome pattern! The mountain views were spectacular, some of the best we’ve seen! We wish for some sunny skies, but not today, at least not yet! But there’s lots of daylight left you know! There are lots of opportunities to pull off the road and camp for the night for any size RV!


The employees at the Visitor Center in Seward were extremely helpful, and finally someone able to answer our question about where to camp in town. They also have a big stuffed bear, and we signed the guest book.

Our RV campsite is in a city park right along the banks of Resurrection Bay! It is $12.00 per night just for a place to park, but the views all around are spectacular! We spend plenty of time being entertained by a sea otter not far off shore, and watching the boats come and go as we’re near the harbor.

We walk into town for lunch and end up at Ray’s Waterfront Café. This place was awesome! Brian and Mom have Cod & Chips, and I decide to try the Thai Scallops with Cilantro, veggies and noodles! Wow! Also service was excellent and price was reasonable for what we had!

We also picked up some brochures for the tour boats, and sift through them to see what might interest us.

Mom isn’t interested in going out on the water, so she’ll stay home and dog-sit while Brian and I go out to the Kenai Fjords National Park. We decide on a 6 ½ hour trip out to a glacier which also includes lunch and wildlife viewing.

Brian and I walk back to town and book our trip for tomorrow. The shuttle will pick us up and take us to the place we board the tour boat. We also find a local watering hole, have a beer and get some recommendations for places to eat and see while at the Kenai Peninsula.

We also get directions to the library and walk over to check our e-mail…..little do we know how far this is going to be when we start out…or that it‘s uphill the whole way! But it’s a lovely afternoon, and the sun has broken through the clouds so a nice day for a change. We do have to sign up for a terminal and takes close to an hour to get one. But we’re happy to be able to check in with family and friends!


Walked back to Gozer, had some dinner, and Casey got his walk too! I scavenged some fire wood from vacant campsites, and we’ll plan to put our fire ring to good use one of these nights!

Total Mileage on Gozer – 16955 Miles today – 168

Road Notes: The road from Wasilla to Anchorage is 4 lanes and in excellent condition. The highway dumps directly into downtown Anchorage and it’s easy to miss the changeover. The Seward highway section along Turnagin Arm is good with speeds from 55-65 mph. Passing Portage the road climbs into the mountain of the Kenai Peninsula, but there are passing lanes and traffic was light. As we entered Seward we had some road construction and road was muddy due to being watered to keep the dust down.

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