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Alaska RV Camping Travelog – Day 27

Cinnamon Rolls and Whitehorse

A lovely morning, with a cool 37 degrees to start. We head back out from Bonanza creek and towards Whitehorse. This is a beautiful scenic road with lots of pullouts, places to spend the night, Provincial Parks and a few small towns.


We’ve seen numerous RV‘s on the road, mostly heading west, but we are picking up a few going the same way we are. This road is also home to the Braeburn Road House and quite possible the biggest Cinnamon rolls any of us have ever seen for $5.50 Canadian! This monster roll feeds 4 people they claim, but we think it should be more like 8!


We pull into the McKenzie RV park in Whitehorse where we stayed a few weeks ago. Our hope is for a full hook up site to dump and fill at but they are all taken–this place is completely filled with motor homes and 5th wheels of every shape and size. We are offered a dry campsite, access to the dump station and water fill, along with a handful of shower tokens for $12.75 and we feel it’s a bargain! Of course it’s not as handy as a full hook up site would have been, but once we’re dumped and filled it will be a snap to get on the road in the morning! We are back in the trees all by ourselves and the Casey will be a lot happier too! Very distracting for him with so many people, rigs and other dogs!

Brian and I get showers, check our e-mail at the public access terminal in the RV park office, and have a wonderful barbecue amongst all the birds and tall trees! Another wonderful day in the amazing expanse of Canada!

Total miles on Gozer – 78376 Miles today 335

Road Notes: Mostly good road today. Had a couple sections of road construction but crews weren‘t actively working today, so just a reduced speed limit! WATCH FOR ORANGE FLAGS! They are low to the ground on the roadside where there is a problem section. Frost heaves and Pot holes are a way of life in this portion of Canada, but the road to Whitehorse had few. Maintained speed limit of 55 mph most of the day.

Tomorrow – Breakdown!

Yesterday – Gold!


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