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Alaska RV Camping Travelog – Day 4

What I Like About Automatic Transmission Fluid

A beautiful morning, with clear skies and the sun hitting the snow capped mountains is stunning! It is quite brisk out with 38 degrees to start the morning with. We have “real” breakfast today of ham, scrambled eggs, and toast. We enjoy watching the float planes take off and land, and walk around the campground a couple times. I thought I heard a bear during our nap this afternoon, it looks like pretty good country for it! There are sea gulls, ducks and many fish jumping.

Should be a day of R & R, but not for Brian! Besides being covered in Automatic Transmission fluid, he spends about 3 hours under our RV, but is unable to fully repair the leak. Unfortunately, things we could have used for a permanent fix were left behind in Mom’s garage. Our leak is coming from a crack in a metal pipe, and rather than make it worse by trying to pull it out, we’ll just try Liquid Steel around the crack and fill our reservoir with all the automatic transmission fluid we have. Then we’ll buy more when we see a place for it, and keep filling it until we make it to a shop that can replace or repair the cracked tubing. Brian thinks even if all the fluid leaks out he can still drive if he doesn’t have to turn around in any tight places. Tomorrow will tell the tale!

We have spaghetti for dinner and then watch the movie “Iron Will”. After seeing the tremendous distances in this part of the country, it’s almost impossible to imagine being out alone on a dog sled in the snow! We are already having our own little crisis due to the remoteness, and not having our “toad” on this RV camping trip of course!


Brian and I enjoy a nice campfire and head for bed around 10:30. The further north we go the later the sun goes down, and earlier it rises. Mom loves it because she can read without having to turn on a light! I have blankets over our windows so we can get some sleep. We have noticed we’re staying up later and later because it’s still light out! That’s where the term “bushed“ comes from! The longer days tend to make you sleep less, hence becoming “bushed”!

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