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Folding Camping Trailer


Recreational Vehicle Types – Folding Camping Trailer

Folding Trailer RV’s offer a large amount of space combined with ease of travel to make RV Family Camping fun and easy. These lightweight RV rental units can be towed behind almost any vehicle. Very basic with ice box, stove, beds, and eating space. Some have a furnace.

Folding Camping Trailer – Spacious/Easy To Tow

RVRA (Recreational Vehicle Rental Association) defines a Folding Camping TRailer as:

Folding Camping Trailer – A lightweight, towable unit with collapsible sides, about 10 feet in length when closed, and 15 to 23 feet when opened. When set up, they provide kitchen, dining and sleeping facilities for up to 8 people. Check with your rental dealer to make sure your tow vehicle, hitch and wiring are adequate. This unit is an option if you want to spend part of a motoring trip camping out, using toilet facilities provided at campgrounds

We’ve had 14 people in a folding camping trailer during a rain storm. We wouldn’t want to sleep or travel that way, but we really had enough room for the duration of the storm. These small towables are suitable for use with short wheelbase vehicles like a Jeep Wrangler or Liberty as well.


Federal Public Land
RV Camping Information

US Forest Service - USFS
Describes USFS policies and rules about RV camping. Information about dispersed camping, and tips on how to find great free RV camping sites.

National Park Service (NPS)
General information about RV camping in US National Parks. With campgrounds in the most historic and scenic places in the country, the NPS offers some of the best places for RV camping.

US Army Corp of Engineers (USACE/COE )
USACE (perhaps better know as COE) manages water recreation areas throughout the USA. Information about finding Corps managed lakes, RV camping rules and policies for use of these water based recreation areas is included.

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