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Nevada RV Camping – Sunnyside

Free RV Camping – Sunnyside, Nevada

Free RV camping and boondocking is available on lands surrounding Sunnyside, Nevada, and specifically the Kirch Wildlife Management Area’s Dave Deacon campground. This recommended free RV camping location near Sunnyside is one of our Featured Campgrounds.

Created in 1968, the Wayne E. Kirch Wildlife Management Area manages public lands for anglers, hunters, and other outdoor recreation. This 15,000 acre WMA’s habitats include sagebrush to wet meadows and grasslands. Fish, waterfowl, sage grouse, pronghorn, and mule deer frequent the area.

Sunnyside Nevada Free RV Camping Location

The closest major town to our recommended RV camping location is Ely at nearly 70 miles. This is a remote area with good highway access. Nevada highway 318 is an excellent, wide, 2 lane highway that is a great alternative to US 93 that runs parallel to the east. This could be part of a great snowbird route for those heading north or south depending on season.


The campground is located 7.3 miles west of Nevada highway 318. The road is well marked, and near the Sunnyside rest area. The gravel road to the campground can have a washboard surface, but is wide and well traveled for the most part. Our experience was the first couple miles were pretty rough, but improved the rest of the way to the campground. One section of the road is rather narrow as it is built on a levy for about 1/2 mile. Visibility is good though, so you should have no trouble with oncoming traffic as there are turnouts for vehicles to wait on each end of the levy.


Free RV Camping Location Description

After creeping down 7 miles of gravel road, the campground better be worth it…and we think it is! You are greeted with a lovely sandstone monument naming the campground, and cross the cattle guard into a large developed campground with few designated spaces. The spaces that are designated have a table shelter, but there are only a few of these type campsites. Any size RV will have easy access in this campground. Picnic tables are scattered around the campground, as well as pit toilets, water bibs, and even an RV dump station. There is a grove of Cottonwood trees in the campground for shade, and there is no length of stay posted and no fee.


There are no trash receptacles, so pack it in, pack it out! The Sunnyside rest area has trash receptacles, but if you can hold on to your trash until you get to a larger town, it will help keep these areas free of fees.


This campground is located inside the Kirch WMA, so most other campers are sportsmen either fishing or hunting in season. We met a sheep herder who lived in an RV parked in a corner of the campground for months at a time, and his only complaint was the distance to buy groceries in Ely.


Wildlife is abundant. Owls live in the Cottonwoods, and for good reason. We’ve never seen so many rabbits in one area before. There are hot springs nearby, and miles of open country to explore for those with ATVs, 4x4s, and SUVs. Open desert vistas of the surrounding mountains makes for wonderful sunsets and sunrises.


We recommend you visit Dave Deacon Campground. The wildlife, scenery, campground ammenities, and no fees make this a great RV camping location.

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