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After using these reversible patio mats for over a year, we recommend them as a tough mat capable of withstanding a rocky placement on RV camping trips. We parked over crushed rock for over 30 days of constant full time RV living, and the mat is standing up well. Numerous moves moving and folding the mat have not affected it. With rocky placement however, the reverse side of the mat has abrasions and is not attractive anymore, but the structural integrity of the product seems completely intact.

The reversible mats have corner straps to tie the product down in windy conditions, but we feel this is not enough. You will need to place rocks or other heavy items on the mat in windy locations to prevent the mat from trying to “take off”. The corner straps are well constructed and withstand the wind caused tension well.

The mat easily folds to a manageable size for easy packing in your RV. It is lightweight yet seems very durable based on our short term testing. It is easy to clean with soap and water, and is available in attractive colors and patterns to compliment your RV.

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Reversible Patio Mats – 2 Designs in One!If you have been looking for mats to fit under the new, larger awnings your wait is over!

The new patterns are designed to compliment your new, larger RV and are available in sizes to fit the larger awning areas: 8×16 and 8×20 feet.

Three new colors and patterns:

Tan Gold Flare

Green Blue Flare

Silver Gold Swirl


Suggested MSRP:

8 x 16′ $89.99

8 x 20′ $109.99

Mats are light weight (12 and 15 lbs.) and fold away for easy storage. Made of woven polypropylene, which allows grass to breathe, the mats will not mold or mildew. Mats are UV stabilized for increased durability to sun exposure. Stakes can be put through the corner loops to anchor in high winds. Just hose down to clean and will dry within 30 minutes. LLC ( also offers a full line of Reversible mats in the standard 6×9 and 9×12 sizes, featuring the floral, Patriotic (red/white/blue) and the NEW black & white checkered flags designs. With a fully reversible pattern, turn the mats over to get a different design.

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For more information, go to or call: 888-409-6806

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