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Rent A Private Forest

RV camping groups looking for a unique opportunity for privacy may want to consider Ridgline Trails in western Arkansas. Miles of exclusive private hiking, ATV, and motorcycle trails are available for families and groups at this private reserve. Surrounded by the Ouachita National Forest, you may find Ridgeline Trails the perfect place for your next business or family outing.

RV Camping – Private Forest Reserve For Groups

In the Vandervoort, Arkansas region a family can rent a private forest bounded on all sides by the Ouachita National Forest. Here your small group can exclusively enjoy over 15 miles of private forested trails. Located only 4 miles from the Cossatot River, a favored kayaking stream, this private park sports a system of trails (many on steep terrain) that meander up, down, and around the deeply forested hills. These trails, ideal for hiking, birding, mountain biking, and riding small off-road vehicles like ATVs and dirt bikes, give this destination its pertinent name — Ridgeline Trails.

ridgeline2Spectacular scenery of nearby Cossatot River

Started as a site for mountain bike race events, the vision was expanded during the trail building period to include other groups of outdoor enthusiasts, yet to focus always on folks who would appreciate the quietness and beauty of this special place in the woods, those campers, birders, hikers, bikers, or ATVists into absorbing nature at a slow pace — who would relish the peace and solitude which abounds here.

The intent of Ridgeline Trails is to highlight the tranquility of nature. The ultimate sojourner is he/she who would escape his/her hurried life to this exclusively private site in nature to camp in solitude and enjoy the trails adorned by the deep woods, home to deer, coyotes, bobcats, and piloted woodpeckers.

Ridgeline Trails offers a variety of camping opportunities: One can enjoy a graveled RV pad next to the creek, set a tent on a gravel bar downstream, or tent camp on a high ridge with a view.

ridgeline1Exclusive Private Trail System

At Ridgeline, users can choose their extent of challenge; the trails have been GPS mapped and color coded. One of the two maps pictured on the website was designed for minimal-ink printing.

Additionally, for those who desire it, Ridgeline Trails will assist you in arranging a local ATV rental. And assistance is offered in the rental of the one cabin within several miles of Ridgeline. Plus, for those desiring these extras for extended stays, packaged deals may be arranged. Come and enjoy this unique place.

ridgeline3Waterside Campsites

Special offering . Normal rates for each RV in your group with five or less members is $250.00 per day. But, for March, April, and May of 2012, one can book Ridgeline for only $50.00 per party member per day. Remember, only one family or group can book Ridgeline at any given time. You will find that this exclusivity is absolutely unique to Ridgeline Trails. And, is what will maintain it as a treasured site for your family or group.

Final note: There is a bit of urgency for booking Ridgeline this spring. In the summer of 2011 there were several dry fire-prone months. If 2012 were similar, the trails at Ridgeline might have to be closed during the summer as a precautionary measure.

For more information… Ridgeline Trails.



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