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Wyoming RV Camping – Lander

Free dispersed RV camping (boondocking) is available throughout the Shoshone National Forest southwest of Lander. This recommended free RV camping location near Lander is one of our Featured Campgrounds.

Created in 1891 as part of the Yellowstone Timberland Reserve, Shoshone National Forest today is more than 2.4 million acres of varried terrain from rugged mountain peaks, to flat valleys covered with sagebrush. Abundant wildlife, hiking, biking, motor sports, fishing, hunting, and great RV camping await you.

Free Wyoming RV Camping – Lander Location

The closest town to our recommended RV camping location is Lander (30 miles). Lander was established in 1894, and has a population of nearly 7,000. All RV facilities are available in Lander including food, fuel, propane, RV dump station, water, laundry and more.

Wyoming RV Camping - Shoshone Map

The free RV camping site is located approximately 1 mile north of Wyoming highway 28. The gravel road can be washboard surface, so be prepared to go slowly. About 1/2 mile from highway 28 you will see a large dispersed campsite on your left. This area is used as a snowmobile parking area during winter, and is quite close to FR 300 so it’s noisy, and can be dusty. You can also hear highway 28 traffic, but this isn’t a terrible campsite and is suitable for any size vehicle.

Just 1/2 mile further north over the hill on your left is our recommended free RV camping site. As you drop down the gentle hill, you will notice a two track road to the left…we recommend that you go to the next left turn as the road surface is not rocky like the first access road. The two track dirt road goes on for miles, but going about 1/4 mile west on this road will reward you with a large, flat, grassy campsite with trees for late afternoon shade, or you can camp out in the open. Suitable for any size RV. There is ample firewood available, and we were greeted by a visit by a cow and calf Moose early our first morning here.

Wyoming RV Camping - Shoshone Campsite Location

Free RV Camping Location Description

Heading southwest from Lander towards our campsite on Highway 28, you will encounter 7% grades for miles, so take your time pulling this long hill to avoid overheading. There are passing lanes virtually the entire way, and turnouts are available if you start to overheat your vehicle. If you come from Farson, the climb is somewhat easier.

Wyoming RV Camping - Shoshone Highway 28 View

We started our search for a RV camping site on BLM lands south of Wyoming highway 28 near Atlantic City. We did find two BLM campgrounds, but we prefer dispersed camping (camping outside a developed campground) so we headed into the Shoshone National Forest just a few miles to the west.

Wyoming RV Camping - Shoshone BLM Camp

A large parking area suitable for overnight truck and RV parking sits at the turnoff for FR -300. This road, also named Louis Lake Road runs generally north and after 35 miles, you will be in Lander. The road surface when we camped was generally good, but quite washboard. 1/2 mile up the road is the first dispersed campsite. This site is large and suitable for any size RV. Watch for some protruding rocks in access to campsite.

About a mile north of highway 28 on the left is our campsite of the month. This large, flat, grassy area has trees for shade, has nice views, and is quiet as it’s off the main forest access road. Wildlife is in the area! We were visited by a cow and calf Moose early our first morning. Birds and squirrels frequent the area.

Wyoming RV Camping - Shoshone RV Camping Location Photo

We hated to leave this great free RV camping location. Miles of back country roads are available for exploration with ATV’s, motorcycles, and 4×4 vehicles. Lakes and streams are in the area with good fishing and suitable for small boats. There is historic mining country nearby at the ghost towns of Atlantic City, South Pass City, and Miners Delight. You will have no trouble finding a dispersed camping RV campsite in this area.

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