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Alaska RV Camping Travelog – Day 30

Final Days

Day 30

The tire shop says it opens at 7:30, but there’s activity going on about ten after 7 and Brian talks to the owner of the shop. He has one of his mechanics inspect our tire installation and gives us the “green light” to head back to Bellingham..
We’re retracing our tracks exactly from this point on, so we’ll hope to have a little more sunny weather to enjoy our trip through the Fraser River Valley. We DO get our wish for sunny skies, and ALSO record high temperatures for British Columbia!
We stop for the night at an RV park north of Fort St. John near a river in the trees.

Day 31

Today we don’t get an early start, which some of the occupants of Gozer are very thankful for! We stop for lunch in a wayside rest overlooking the Peace River Valley. This was a deviation from our original path, but a beautiful place to stretch ours, and the dog’s legs!


Only about a 30 mile change from the road we took a month ago, this route bypasses Dawson Creek, and what a treat for the senses! The temperatures are comfortable today, and we spend a leisurely day driving along the Peace River and then stop at Quesnel for the night at the same place we stayed approximately a month ago. Still no other campers other than us in the quiet place by the river.

Day 32

Another leisurely morning, and we are headed for some record temperatures along our travels today.


Our dash thermometer reads 94 at one point during the day, and we make the decision to get an RV park so we can run our air conditioner. We stop at one place along the Frazer River, and approach the office to check in. Unfortunately, he can’t accept Visa and we’ve spent ALL of our Canadian money funding our flat tire repairman!

We continue on until we find an RV park near Boston Bar that CAN take our Visa, and settle in for the night. This is a place in the trees with a Laundromat, and the A/C feels good. Should be a short drive to the border and back to the old USA tomorrow!

Final Border Crossing

We awake to a comfortable sunny morning. It’s a short trip down the remaining Frazier River Valley to our USA border crossing. The US Customs officials were professional and courteous asking only if we purchased anything other than food and fuel in Canada. My response was I had bought some anti-freeze, rubber automotive hose, and clamps. The customs agent smiled, checked our ID’s and we were on our way. I’m certain that the US and Canada share all travelers information and dates and can quickly tell how long you have been in Canada or US etc. I believe it made our border crossings much easier. We’re home at Mom’s in another 25 minutes. What a trip it’s been!

Final Thoughts

From the moment we left the USA over a month ago, we experienced indescribable scenery, met wonderful people, seen abundant wildlife, went sailing, panned for gold, ate huge cinnamon rolls, and had about as much fun as anybody could ever wish for.

Would we do it again? YES!! But next time, we’re taking our Jeep, and planning on using the entire season to explore. We want to spend a lot more time in British Columbia and the Yukon. We want to take our fishing gear and head into remote rivers and lakes. We would like to explore more along the original Alaska Highway, and visit the WWII air bases that dotted the route. We want to get GPS topographical maps of BC and Yukon so we can see what few travelers have the opportunity to.

We hope you have enjoyed following along with us on our first RV camping trip to Alaska!

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